Representative Council Election

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1. Select

2. Order

3. Confirm

Welcome to the Representative Council Election 2020! All members of Teknologkåren with a valid union-ID are allowed to vote in the election.


  1. Choose candidates
    • All candidates are shown in a random order.
    • The candidates have answered some questions
    • Select candidates to add them to your ballot, until you have 27.
    • If you store the url you can return to your ballot - it is not connected to you personally.

  2. Order candidates
    • Candidates will be show in the order they were selected in.
    • Order candidates with buttons.
    • You can return to the same page by storing the url.

  3. Confirm ballot
    • Your final ballot is show, you can still return to any earlier step.
    • Enter Personal number and Vote code to save your vote.
    • After a vote is saved and confirmed it is not possible to return to an earlier step or an earlier url.

Contact Admin if you run into any problems with the election system.

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